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Peoples Bank Partners Announces Completion of New Branch Office in Collinwood, Tennessee

Peoples Bank announced the completion of its new branch office in Collinwood, Tennessee. Designed with Peoples Bank’s community-driven approach to banking in mind, the quaint and inviting 2,400-square-foot branch features an airy, open floor plan that utilizes a comfortable lobby with a teller pod, two small waiting areas, and four offices. A rear counter located behind the teller line will be equipped with a camera/audio remote teller unit (RTU) receiving customers on the single drive-up island at the rear of the building.

The interior features earthy tones of browns, stone grays, and greens with modern touches, such as geometric overhead lighting, contemporary yet comfortable seating, and flatscreens located behind the teller pod. The exterior features an attractive, clean design with large white columns to greet customers upon entry.

Headquartered in Clifton, Tennessee, Peoples Bank is embedded in the history of its community. Formed on August 28, 1890, Peoples Bank has kept the interests of the people of the community it serves at the heart of its mission for more than 130 years. The banking institution works to balance the needs of customers, employees, and the community at large while continuing to deliver high-quality service that its customers have grown to expect.

Peoples Bank partnered with Eclipse Brand Builders to manage the design and construction of the new Collinwood branch because of Eclipse’s turnkey services and collaborative approach. The new branch office aligns with Peoples Bank’s core values resulting in a customer-first branch.