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Eclipse Donates Samples to Zerolandfill 2016 Atlanta

We are so glad we had the opportunity to donate to ZeroLandfill Atlanta 2016 – a smart, creative way to re-purpose unused design samples for works of art and materials for educators, non-profit associations, artists, crafters and more!

Thank you to Alison Barnes for coordinating Eclipse’s donation and for volunteering with ZeroLandfill!

ZeroLandfill™ is an award winning upcycling program held seasonally that supports the supply needs of local artists and arts educators while reducing pressure on local landfill capacity. Since 2006, the ZeroLandfill™ project team has partnered with the architectural and interior design community in identifying, diverting from local landfills and re-purposing back into the community over 1 million pounds of expired specification samples that hold value for other audiences. ZeroLandfill™ projects, inspired by the NE Ohio experience are at work in a number of cities across the country.


ZeroLandfill Website
ZeroLandfill 2016 Atlanta Facebook
Please contact us for more information.