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Eclipse Brand Builders Partners With Sunshine on a Ranney Day to Design in-home Therapy Room

Eclipse Brand Builders recently partnered with Sunshine On A Ranney Day to design a beach-themed in-home therapy room for Bennett and Lacey Key, and their parents Jeff and Hillarie, to provide space for physical and occupational therapy, as well as for spending quality time together as a family.

Bennett and Lacey were both born with a rare genetic disorder called Joubert Syndrome. Joubert Syndrome is a neurogenetic disorder characterized by low muscle tone, impaired coordination, developmental disability, abnormal breathing pattern, abnormal eye movements, and a distinctive brain malformation.

For Bennett, the first few months of his life were literally focused on keeping him alive. His parents would take turns at night, one sleeping and the other staying up making sure that Bennett was breathing. As time passed, Bennett did grow stronger, both physically and mentally, despite daily challenges and numerous surgeries and setbacks. His incredible personality began to develop as well. From early on, he was loving, caring, happy and brightened whatever room he entered.

Bennett is now 19 and a Senior at Roswell High School. He loves to be the life of the party! Bennett is extremely active in North Fulton Young Life, sings the National Anthem at Special Olympics annually, loves music, and is working towards becoming a playwright.

Lacey was born on January 18, 2013, almost thirteen years after Bennett. Fortunately, her stay in the NICU was only a week. Lacey has faced many of the same struggles as Bennett, including a fragile infancy full of sleepless nights. Generally, though, her health has been better than his to this point. She still has similar physical challenges – requiring assistance with basic daily activities, including walking. Unlike Bennett, she is non-verbal, causing deep frustration for her.

Lacey is now 6 years old and a first grader at Mimosa Elementary. She is creative, with an innate sense of humor. She has developed a love for entertainment, has watched “The Greatest Showman” so many times that the entire family knows practically all the lines. She gets around her iPad like a pro, making her own movies, playing music and even Face Timing friends (without her parents’ knowledge!). Lacey also especially loves dance. It’s a part of her. She is a student at Atlanta Dance Central and excels in their adaptive dance program.

On average, the Key Family attends 7 therapy sessions and 2 doctors’ appointments each week. Sunshine On A Ranney Day’s vision was to provide a therapy room in their home to enhance their care, allowing Bennett and Lacey to continue to grow stronger and accomplish more each day, while also making the day-to-day stresses of their care easier for their family.

Through fundraising efforts that brought in more than $30,000 in donations, including a $15,000 donation from Finlistics Solutions, and countless hours of volunteer work, Sunshine On A Ranney Day was able to turn this vision into reality, and create a new in-home therapy room for the Key Family.



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