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Community South Credit Union Announces Completion of New Operations Center With Adjacent Branch

Community South Credit Union is excited to announce the completion of the new Chipley, Florida-based operations center and credit union branch. The one-story 10,000-square-foot building is located at 1447 Main Street and will be a new and improved space to house operational staff, and the fourth Community South retail branch. In addition to the full-service branch location, a detached drive-up canopy is in place to serve members with EZ teller machines.

The exterior of the building displays a stucco façade with an adhered stone base that wraps around three sides of the building. The design continues over to both the operations center entrance and the retail branch entrance. Canopies hang over each entrance and the supporting columns reflect the same stucco and stone base combination.

The operations center’s interior was designed with a bright and open reception area, nine offices and two conference rooms, among other storage space and meeting areas. The interior has been enlivened with a color palette of rich blues and greens throughout. The sleek and modern design is carried over into the adjacent branch, with two lobby tellers and three offices, members are helped in an enhanced environment that includes vibrant artwork, suspended lighting, and stone accents.

Community South Credit Union partnered with Eclipse Brand Builders out of Johns Creek, Georgia, to handle the design and construction for both projects. With an emphasis on the quality of the credit union’s brand and commitment to high-quality services for its members, Eclipse Brand Builders’ turnkey design-build services included architecture, engineering, interior design, and full-time on-site construction management. Eclipse executed the construction of the project using local subcontractors and suppliers through a competitive bid process, keeping construction dollars in the community.