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Your “brand” is the mental perception that your customers and employees have of your organization. An effective brand strategy communicates who you are and what you do, and differentiates you from your competition. It influences your customers’ understanding of your business, your employees’ dedication to serving your business, and will ultimately affect the profitability and longevity of customer relationships.

From your name and logo, to your facilities and customer service interactions, Eclipse Brand Builders can help you assess your brand through the eyes of your customers and employees and, if necessary, develop and implement a strategy to enhance your brand through each of the many delivery channels affecting your business. Our branding program includes:

  • Evaluation of Existing Assets & Engagement
  • Marketing & Content Strategy
  • Design
  • Toolkits & Reference Materials
  • Implementation & Training
  • Management & Maintenance


  • Graphic Design
    • Logos
    • Signage
    • Custom Wallcoverings
    • Digital Messaging
    • Advertisements
    • Brochures
    • Sales Collateral
    • Email Campaigns
    • Mailers & Postcards
  • Advertising (Digital/Social & Print)
  • Social Media Campaigns & Management
  • Email & Snail Mail Campaigns
  • Digital Signage Content Development & Management
  • Web Design & Development

We offer a wide range of branding and marketing services, including those listed above, as stand-alone engagements or in conjunction with a design and/or construction program.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, learn more about our team’s capabilities, and allow us to develop a customized proposal for you.